Tom & Britta

This day was as perfect as it looks in the photo. The sunlight alone, but also two amazing families (one of which I got the pleasure of working with last year too!! Kimmy & Brendan) and the centerpiece of the day, Tom and Britta. These two met in Providence, Rhode Island after Britta spotted Tom wearing a T shirt of her alma mater, Providence College.  They started chatting about PC and the rest folks, is history. You can view where their love story is present day, below:-)


Hair and Make up: Ania Hair Studio and Spa

Ceremony: The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Venue: Albany Country Club

Photo: Bailly Photography

DJ: Lee Waddell

Flowers: The Floral Garden

Trailer Song: Feeling Kind of Free by Aaron Krause

Matthew & Nicoal

It was such a joy to watch these two be married in downtown Albany’s Sixty State. Truly two of the happiest most cheerful souls that you would want to have found one another. I love the sweetness of this day. Their heartfelt vows, the million dollar smiles and the tender tears. Everything just screams pure love and I was so honored to be in the middle of it. Thank you both, so much.


Venue: 60 State Place

Photo: Kevin DeMassio

DJ: Jeff at Piano Man’s DJ Production

Trailer song: To Me by Jake Etheridge

Chris & Rhiannon

There aren’t many firsts I see in weddings anymore. Being in the business for six years I see a lot of changing trends and new ideas but not many unique moments that couples come up with. Chris and Rhiannon’s day had just that! A beautiful moment during their ceremony on the banks of Lake George where they took a quiet second to take everything in, make a wish for their marriage and then toss a beautifully engraved stone with their name and wedding date into the water.  It was a wonderful reminder that will now forever be a part of the lake, a place they are sure to visit for years to reflect on what a great time they had ‘that day in July’. Thank you both so much for having us be a part of your fantastic day, we had a blast working next to Jess and Ed and capturing the wedding of two great individuals.


Hair & Makeup: Alexandria’s Beauty Salon

Flowers: Fleurtacious Design

Venue: Inn at Erlowest

Photo: Jessica Painter Photography

DJ: Cool Cat Entertainment

Trailer song: Dance (Acoustic) by Tim Halperin

Megan & Steve

These two spent a sunshine filled day this summer at the Falkirk Estate in Central Valley NY. The property was a wonderful backdrop for a grand celebration for these two incredible families. I knew the day would be special the moment I arrived to the Rockafellow residence that morning. A family of deer and a handful of spotted fawn playing cheerfully in the front yard. A pretty daily occurrence Megan told us, they were not scared of people at all! It was such a fun and peaceful start to the day which led to a beautiful ceremony and a picture perfect reception. Thank you guys so much for having us be a part of it all!


Make up: Bella Trucco

Venue: Falkirk Estate and Country Club

Photography: Kevin DeMassio

Trailer Song: Life So Beautiful by Graham Colton Licensed on MusicBed

Ashley & Steve

This union had been nine years in the making and such a spectacular couple these two do make! We loved being a part of this great day at the Glen Sanders Mansion. Happy tears, love and laughter are what it is all about. Thank you both for inviting us to be a part of your wonderful new family! May you never forget the way you looked at each other on this day. xo


Hair: Strut Spalontique

Make up: Erin Marzilli

Florist: Fleurtacious

Venue: Glen Sanders

Photographer: Niki Rossi

Band: TS Ensemble

Trailer song: Dreamers by Oh Gravity