Kayleigh & Randall

When you attend over 30 weddings a year, like with anything in life,  some can become predictable and repetitive. That doesn’t mean every wedding isn’t special because it is in its own way, it just means some weddings blend into the next and I have a harder time remembering names and locations. Some couples though leave a lasting impression because I can actually feel the love they have for one another. I will be home editing, not knowing these people from atom, and I will become emotional because the feelings they have and express toward each other move me. It can be handwritten vows spoken with broken voices, a tear down a husbands cheek or a bride’s glance at her groom that says a thousand words. I actually had quite a few of these ‘tug on your heart strings’ kind of weddings this year and I can’t tell you how refreshing they are in a world that seems to have lost love all together sometimes. But without further ado: Kayleigh & Randall.

Venue: Canfield Casino

Photo: Kretschmann Studio

DJ: Mike Garrasi MusicMan Entertainment

Trailer Song: Love You Well – Austin Plaine Licensed w/ Music Bed

Alyson & Scott

THIS DAY. So being an upstate native my entire life, Lake George has been my summer playground since I was running around barefoot on its shores in a diaper and nothing else. It holds a special place in my heart and as I learned on this day, it is truly a special place for many. Alyson and Scott live in the bustling city of Brooklyn NY but her family has been huge fans of LG their entire life, spending most summers at this very Lake George Club where they wed. I knew this was going to be a spectacular day when I pulled up to the club and saw a family members license plate that read, “O2B inLG”.  I mean that backdrop of rusty fall colors in the mountains alone was enough to make this day brilliant. But add a ceremony on the water, an antique Chris Craft that drove the newlyweds on a victory lap across the lake AND surprise fireworks to cap off the night?! My mind was blown, this was a stunning, top-notch day from start to finish. Thank you both so much for inviting us to capture it.


Venue: Lake George Club

Photo: PJN Photography

Band: Grand Central Station

Trailer Song: Fire by Swear and Shake Licensed on MusicBed

Chris & Danielle

A romantic day at a historic Vermont property in the depths of fall. This day was beauty and grace and everything you could want in a wedding, minus that rain but still, even then nothing could put a damper on this dapper day. I love the way these two look at one another, their eyes and smile say it all – they were made for each other.  As the stunning bride walked out onto the porch with her father all eyes were on her. The ceremony was intimate and emotional as guests gathered around the front entry way of the Park McCullough to watch these two become husband and wife. The celebration was then brought to a gorgeous barn on the property where guests danced the night away under the strung up lights. We are so happy that we got the chance to meet such an incredible couple, thank you guys so much for having us. You both deserve all this world has to offer!


Venue: Park McCullough

Photography: Jeff Guntert

DJ: SEH Entertainment

Flowers: The Gift Garden

Trailer Song: Mikey Wax – Counting On You (Licensed w/ MusicBed)

Kate & Brian

Style and class all the way with this wedding. The details were amazing! From the lace to the pearls, to the Rolls Royce that brought the bride to her groom – everything about this wedding was magic. Not to mention the amazing dancers these two are! I can’t even do this day justice with words, you will just have to see for yourselves. Thank you Kate and Brian for having LaRose Media there to capture such a gorgeous day!


Hair and Makeup: Strut. Spalontique

Photography: Tiffany Wayne

Venue: Birch Hill

Band: TS Ensemble

Trailer Song: Let Go by Secret Nation licensed on MusicBed

Tommy & Maddie

We loved being invited to spend the day with this great group of people. Tommy and Maddie made us feel like we had been part of their inner circle for years. They were so easy to be around and the day was full of fun and laughter. I love the look on the little flower girls faces when they see the bride in her dress for the first time. They were wide-eyed and Tommy was speechless. After the beautiful ceremony the entire crew headed to the NYS museum  (thanks to the rainy forecast) for what turned into a pretty spectacular photo shoot (just check out Tiffany Wayne’s blog post!) The colors were perfect with the bridesmaids purple dresses and the merry-go-round added the perfect touch of light and sparkle.  This entire group of friends and family was so excited to be celebrating these two and the fun didn’t stop. I can tell you I’ve never seen a conga line as long or go as far in my entire wedding career. That was a special feat and I died when they video-bombed the Guest Cam, so great! Thank you guys for having us be a part of such a wonderful day. Best of luck with all you do together!


Hair: Make Me Fabulous

Make-up: True Grace

Flowers: Ambiance Florals

Photography: Tiffany Wayne

Venue: Mallozzi’s

DJ: SEH Entertainment

Trailer Song: Honey by Us and Our Daughters licensed with MusicBed