About us


LaRose Media is laughter, love and light. Created and run by myself, Lauren Rose and my soon to be husband Jeremy Raco. We are an effective team through and through with a love of film and adventure. When I started this company at the age of 24 I had no idea where it would bring me. I’m constantly humbled by the support and appreciation of our couples regarding our work. To be able to capture such an important moment in their lives is truly an honor. To take part in these celebrations that bring together not only two people but entire families, is really special. We want our work to last a lifetime. We want it to bring people right back to those exact moments, to feel the energy and emotions of that day, to revel in the happiness that was shared by so many.

Jeremy is the tech-savvy, problem solving side with amazing talent to match his eye behind the lens. His love for flying is why we have the ability to create stunning aerial footage with in our films. His love of the night sky and time-lapse photography is also why we can incorporate mesmerizing visuals of ceremony and venue locations. He allows our work to have a cinematic edge that most others do not offer. I myself have always had a deep love of production and editing. I obsess over telling a story that goes deeper then just what you see on the screen, I want you to feel it too. I single handedly edit every piece of wedding film that we do. I delight in documentary film work and I tend to create wedding films based on that genre. I want to recreate the day just as it happened, like a fly on the wall I want to capture all the unrehearsed, candid moments. And that is very much our shooting style. Unobtrusive and laid back all while catching every detail.

When we are not working weddings we enjoy exploring, hiking, travel, and shooting personal projects. We are obsessed with animals, especially our two girl pups Simba and Stitch which we affectionately call, “The Soons” (I’m not even sure why). Drop us a note, I would love to hear about the big day (and your pets)!



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