Hi I am Lauren Rose, I fell in love with film at a very early age and knew it would become my passion.  Today I create video content for a wide variety of clients ranging from small family owned business's to large well known corporations. 

My favorite part of film production is telling a story and bringing it to life in the editing room.

My 9th grade film teacher Mr. Hanley told our class something I will never forget. He said, 'Once you fall in love with cinematography, you will never watch a movie the same way again.'   


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Dave Matthews

Don't lose the dreams inside your head. They'll only be there till you're dead.

He was right. I not only love film but all it's bits and pieces. I'm in awe of how it's produced to fit perfectly together like a giant puzzle. Now when I watch a movie, I survey it's cinematography. I observe how each scene is framed and shot. I get excited about how the energy of the film flows through each edit and cut. I appreciate how it was created while simultaneously becoming lost in it's story. The feeling of creativity that comes with producing engaging and emotionally moving content is my favorite space to live in. 


Over the last 10 years, I have built LaRose Media from the ground up. We offer full fledge commercial production, aerial cinema and documentary film work. I firmly believe that good video is one of the best ways to showcase a product or business and connect with a target audience. If you have something you are passionate about let me and my team help you tell that story in the most creative and memorable way possible. 

- Lauren Caldwell 

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